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Five of Cups

The Five of Cups is the fourth tarot piece I composed in mid January of 2016. When I first thought about composing a piece for this card I thought I would write a blues since one meaning of this card is "having the blues". When I pictured myself as the sullen figure on the card, I heard music in my head that was not a blues progression.


I imagined the figure walking away from the spilt cups without noticing the upright ones. The figure then wandered through the city streets late at night. At this point, the person I imagined was a man from the 30's or 40's time period in a suit and hat walking around a city with bright neon signs but no one else was on the street. The man doesn't enter any of the bars or clubs where the people or opportunities are but he keeps wandering the streets alone.


I was inspired by Blue in Green when I wrote this piece.  

The video was filmed on January 14th, 2017.

Listen HERE
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