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Queen of Swords

The original title of this piece was "How Have You Been?" I wrote it in the morning of March 19th 2017. You can watch a video I posted on Instagram of me playing it after I wrote the beginning. 

After I wrote this piece, it just sat there until I began preparing for my first album "The Fool's Journey: Solo" months later. At the time, I identified with the Queen of Swords. She has a cold sadness and is extremely rational to a fault.  I remembered writing this piece and thought it portrayed the right mood for the Queen of Swords.

When I thought about how to display her characteristics in a song, I realized that she probably wouldn't be into improvising too much.  She is someone who plans ahead and doesn't like uncertainty. I felt that if she was going to play  jazz, she wouldn't want to deviate too far from the melody. So when I began improvising over this piece I decided to stick close to the melody. I also wanted to show the stern coldness by creating space. 

Listen HERE
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