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Six of Cups

The Six of Cups is the fifth tarot piece I composed on January 22nd of 2016. The four tarot pieces I composed before this one had all been sad or mysterious. I decided to challenge myself and write something happy. I gravitate towards composing darker pieces and have a very difficult time writing music that is more light hearted. I picked this card because it is one of the cards that I gravitated to since I first started reading tarot. The Hermit and the Six of Swords were also cards that I was interested in since I started learning about tarot. 


I had heard this "progression" of F#m7 to Dmaj7 in a piece and really liked it. Again this shows my preference of having chords with similar notes because these two chords are essentially the same being the I major and III minor. I kept repeating the two chords over and over again trying to hear where they wanted to go next. I kept playing but couldn't hear where the progression wanted to go. So, I recorded the two chords and began improvising until I came up with a simple melody.


As I kept thinking about the meaning of the card (nostalgia, innocence, comfort, naive happiness), I came to the conclusion that this piece didn't need any other chords. Having two similar chords reflected the child like image and nostalgia that I wanted to portray. What can be more innocent than essentially 1 chord?


I view this piece as a fragment of a warm, comforting childhood memory.

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