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The Aces

Listen HERE

The Aces are full of potential - the beginnings of ideas, projects, relationships etc. Keeping the mentality of "beginnings", I view the Aces as introductions to each suit - they are not complete pieces of music or developed ideas. Each Ace composition is roughly one minute long since Ace = 1. Unlike the other tarot pieces, the Aces do not have improvisation. Improvisation is the development of ideas. Including improv in these four pieces does not fit with the meaning of beginning ideas. Each piece has the potential to be developed further but they act more like introductions to the suits. 



To make the compositions related, I used similar techniques and chords. I intentionally used open strings in each piece for an "organic" feel. For me, utilizing open strings sounds free and open. Each piece is intentionally simplistic to show the idea of beginning ideas and the potential for development.



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