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The Star

The Star was composed on the beautifully sunny morning of June 2nd, 2016. When I sat down to compose that morning The Star's hope, renewal and healing fit my current situation. My mother and I had just experienced the upheaval of The Tower (XVI which precedes The Star) by moving out of my 3 bedroom, 2 story childhood home and into a much smaller 2 bedroom apartment. I had just graduated from college in April and had a month of stressful moving in May. After finally settling into the new apartment I felt like the upheaval and change was over and The Star's calmness was finally present. 

I knew that I wanted The Star (XVII), The Moon (XVIII) and the Sun (XIX) to be musically related since they are celestial objects and occur in order. So, I began The Star with the same 2 notes as The Moon - G and F# descending. These 2 notes feel like a platform where you can choose The Star to descend into hope or choose The Moon to descend into fear.

When I began working on The Star for solo guitar in April 2017 I wanted to have space and notes in a high register to represent the star high in the sky. This is why I also utilized harmonics.

Listen HERE
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