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Two of Cups

Early in the year of 2017, my mentor and current boss Kenn Fox was recording a new album. He asked me if I was interested in recording a duet. I assumed that he wanted me to compose a new piece for us to play so I began my process of choosing a card. The Two of Cups seemed very obvious. This card is about a partnership, mutual respect and balance. Playing a duet embodies this card - two voices working together. 

Since Kenn is known for his fingerstyle playing I decided to write a more complex fingerstyle piece (unlike the more simplistic and short Aces). I began composing it on May 11th and finished it on the 21st. It took me awhile to choose a right hand picking pattern and it was difficult for me to compose a duet piece when I had been composing only solo pieces for months. 


This song didn't get recorded for Kenn's album, but fortunately I recorded my first album "The Fool's Journey: Solo" in September of 2017 and I was able to record this piece as a duet with myself. 

Listen HERE
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