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Two of Swords

When I read tarot cards for myself, this card often appears when I ask for help to make a decision. It tends to show up in the spot where the card tells you what action you should take to solve a problem. I always get frustrated because I am asking the cards to help me make a decision and then the cards tells me "You have a decision to make". Not very helpful. This card shows the person blindfolded and in a defensive position. They are intentionally avoiding something or blocking emotions. 


When I read cards for other people, I often tell them that the cards will tell you what you already know. When people come to me and tell me "I have to make a decision but I don't know what to do" - they almost always know the answer but they are afraid to admit it or they don't want to admit it.


I get so frustrated when this card appears in my own spreads because it is telling me "You already know the answer, take down your guard and open your eyes." Although this card can be a pain in the you-know-what for me it can also force me into admitting my feelings.


My frustration comes out in this composition. It sounds unsettling. But I wrote a contrasting section of major chords to show that you have a choice. You can stay in turmoil or you can open your eyes and find the answer to your problem. I composed this piece quickly in August of 2017 because I needed more material for my first album "The Fool's Journey: Solo". At that time I was feeling very stressed and I needed to write something simple and dissonant to let out the tension.      

Listen HERE
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