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The Wheel of Fortune

"This creative collaboration between friends plays off of Liz DeYoe's collection of musical works with tarot cards. This is a physical and musical symbolization of the card Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel of Fortune is about life, the ups, downs and the cyclical nature of it all. " - Tiffany Crouse

The process to create this film began in 2017. Both Amelia Morris and I were stuck in ruts. I would periodically read Amelia's cards and the Wheel of Fortune was always present in her readings. To get out of our ruts we decided to collaborate and create art. Through many talks in person and through Skype we solidified the concept of portraying life cycles, choices and turning points. 

After our discussions we spent months working individually until we came together in July of 2017 to film. 

Over the course of a few days we filmed with Tiffany Crouse at different locations in Delafield, Wisconsin.

This film sat unfinished for over a year - because life happens. But in a fortunate turn of events, we all ended up relocating to the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. In September of 2018 we finally reunited and finished the film. 

The entire process of this collaboration embodied the meaning of the Wheel of Fortune. We all dealt with turning points in our lives while working on this project. We were brought together to collaborate - just to separate for a year - and then we were brought back together again to finish the project.

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